Stop creating and enforcing an environment where whiteness, masculinity, and privilege are centered and protected at all costs.

I was already disappointed with what Manton had written about the mass exodus from Basecamp, but parachuting into this thread with the implication I was being incivil, when I had gone to great lengths to be kind and gentle to someone insisting white Christian men do not have privilege, means I can no longer participate in or support

I have thought it over for several days, and I remain convinced I should cancel my subscription.

As long as we have the luxury of ignoring the difficult reality of America, we’ll be perpetuating it.

look past your privilege and stand up for those that need it.

When you say you’re sick of politics, or you’re tired of people talking about politics all the time, you show your privilege.

Ignoring politics is not a cute personality trait. It’s not a matter of diverging opinions; it’s a matter of privilege.